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Best Places to Research Before Buying Your Boat

Every hour that you spend researching you spend researching your new boat can save you countless hours of aggravation and piles of cash that could go back in your pocket. By doing just a little work up front, you can make sure that your time on the water with family and friends will be most memorable. So before you head out to that new boat sale, here is some great advice from Boatmo.com

Boat Sale1. Online Forums – Online boating forums are a great place to gather information concerning a particular boat you are interested in buying. Here you can pick the brains of boaters who may have a vessel you are interested in buying. They can rave about all the great features while warning you about any potential pitfalls to be aware of. Be sure to contribute and not just abuse the forum for information.

2. Boating Magazines – Subscribing to a boating magazine will only set you back a couple dollars each month but you will be exposed to an abundance of boating information. You will have access to pictures and stories from boaters around the world enjoying their time on the water. Feature articles can bring to light many new boats that are coming to market that may be a better fit for your specific needs.

3. The Boat ShowThe boat show gives you the ability to get up close and personal with every make and model boat that is being produced this year. Here you not only get climb on board and imagine yourself behind the wheel on the seas, you can ask the manufacturer representatives all the questions that you may be having that are holding you back from buying at this time.

4. Friends with Boats – Take advantage of any opportunity that you can get to hit the water on a friends boat. The real benefit here is you get to see all that is involved with preparing the boat for the water, what it takes to get out on the seas, and how much work in putting your boat away. Each trip out you can get a better feel for this lifestyle and how it fits with your life.

These are the 4 best places to gather information about your next boat purchase. getting as close to these boats as possible will allow you to make the most informed buying decision. If you have any doubts, sleep on that purchase until you are absolutely certain that you have found the right boat. Now you are in the best position for getting the boat of your dreams.


How to Communicate Your Home to Potential Charleston SC Home Buyers

Regardless if you are trying to sell your home in a buyers or sellers market, the key to getting top dollar is making your home as attractive as possible. many of the tips included cost nothing but your time, but they can yield you more money at closing in higher selling prices.

Consider these tips from Charleston SC real estate specialists Premier One for making your home more attractive to potential buyers before you list the house for sale.

Charleston SC Real Estate1. Give the exterior a new coat of paint or have the siding pressure washed. Curb appeal is everything in real estate, and if the house is unappealing on the outside, many buyers won’t even consider looking inside regardless how nice it may be. While you are at it, have a professional landscaping service trim trees and make the exterior more presentable.

2. Go rent a storage unit in town and empty out those over packed closets, garage, and basement. Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than seeing a house that has too much clutter. This makes it harder for them to imagine all their stuff in your home.

3. Have an open house party instead of a boring open house. Announce it in the papers, have balloons outside, bake some cookies during the showing, have music playing, liven up the mood and make your buyers feel like they are throwing a party in their own home.

4. Time to make the house less personable. Take down pictures of your family, remove all that clutter from the outside of the refrigerator, and go for a neutral look in all the rooms. The key here is letting the buyer connect with your home rather than having to imagine you not in it.

5. Hire a professional cleaning service to wash the windows, steam clean carpeting, pressure wash floor tiles, scrub bathrooms, and even paint the rooms that need a fresh look. The attention to detail will not go unnoticed.

6. Whenever you are showing your home, take the family and pets and disappear. Nothing can be more uncomfortable than looking at your home while the family is moping around in the living room waiting for them to hurry along.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to make your home more desirable to a potential buyer, it really comes down to making it look like a model house. Creating the atmosphere that allows a potential buyer to instantly see themselves living in that space is the key to getting offers quickly from qualified buyers who fall in love with your home.


How Real Estate Rebates Save You Thousands

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for a house in an up or down market, saving every chance you can will add up in the end. One of the best ways to save thousands off the price of a house is to talk with your realtor about real estate rebates. If you are not familiar with how real estate rebates save you thousands, the following information will help to enlighten you.

REal Estate REbatesFinding the Right Real Estate Agent
Not every real estate agent offers rebates, basically because you are cutting into the money they make and deserve for the sale of the house. That commission the realtor receives is a result of hard work, and no one wants to part with their earnings. The rebates however actually get the realtor more business because you have the opportunity to work with any agent, and by choosing one who offers rebates, you made their job easier by building their client base faster.

What is the Real Estate Rebate
The real estate rebate is simply a small portion of the realtor commission that is paid to the home buyer at closing. The money comes right from the cut of the sale price commission that the real estate agent receives, so that price is often negotiated before the contract is ever signed. In most cases, a house that sells for $300,000 could put a few thousand dollars in the hands of the buyers at closing, something they could definitely need after signing all those documents.

Using Your Real Estate Rebate
Many home buyers think they have to wait for the rebate or that they have to use it on certain things. Because this deal is being made between buyer and realtor, it is something the buyer receives at the close of the sale. Many home buyers leave the closing penniless because they sink everything they own into that house up front. The real estate rebate could not come at a better time, helping these fold to bridge the gap and pay for moving costs, new furniture, food, or to cover utility deposits until the family is back on their feet.

Now that you know how real estate rebates save you thousands, be sure that you speak with a realtor about it before assuming you are simply entitled to them. Making certain you are working with an agent who deals with rebates can make the buying process less stress for the buyers as the close of the house approaches.



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