Best Places to Research Before Buying Your Boat

Every hour that you spend researching you spend researching your new boat can save you countless hours of aggravation and piles of cash that could go back in your pocket. By doing just a little work up front, you can make sure that your time on the water with family and friends will be most memorable. So before you head out to that new boat sale, here is some great advice from

Boat Sale1. Online Forums – Online boating forums are a great place to gather information concerning a particular boat you are interested in buying. Here you can pick the brains of boaters who may have a vessel you are interested in buying. They can rave about all the great features while warning you about any potential pitfalls to be aware of. Be sure to contribute and not just abuse the forum for information.

2. Boating Magazines – Subscribing to a boating magazine will only set you back a couple dollars each month but you will be exposed to an abundance of boating information. You will have access to pictures and stories from boaters around the world enjoying their time on the water. Feature articles can bring to light many new boats that are coming to market that may be a better fit for your specific needs.

3. The Boat ShowThe boat show gives you the ability to get up close and personal with every make and model boat that is being produced this year. Here you not only get climb on board and imagine yourself behind the wheel on the seas, you can ask the manufacturer representatives all the questions that you may be having that are holding you back from buying at this time.

4. Friends with Boats – Take advantage of any opportunity that you can get to hit the water on a friends boat. The real benefit here is you get to see all that is involved with preparing the boat for the water, what it takes to get out on the seas, and how much work in putting your boat away. Each trip out you can get a better feel for this lifestyle and how it fits with your life.

These are the 4 best places to gather information about your next boat purchase. getting as close to these boats as possible will allow you to make the most informed buying decision. If you have any doubts, sleep on that purchase until you are absolutely certain that you have found the right boat. Now you are in the best position for getting the boat of your dreams.


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